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Whether you want to have a suitable looking social media presence, or you want to engage thousands of potential customers on a daily basis, TDM has a solution for you.

SEO/Web Design

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We have ranked more than a thousand terms on the first page of Google. We can do the same for you, and we give a money back guarantee on the results.

Online Ad Campaigns

[ Online Ad Campaigns ]

Thailand Digital Marketing operates the largest network of websites about Thailand in existence. We can create a strategic and powerful advertising campaign for your business.

Thailand Digital Marketing

TDM provides clients with solutions to maximize internet exposure. We’re a one stop shop for companies who want a professional internet marketing presence. TDM can help you find new customers, and to help you retain them.

If you represent a business in need of internet marketing services, we should talk! Fill out one of the contact forms or shoot us an email, and we’ll let you know how we can help.


Mike and Chris, the founders of Thailand Digital Marketing, have a combined two decades worth of experience when it comes to programming and internet marketing. Collectively, they’ve worked on hundreds of websites, and have helped to launch many successful internet marketing campaigns in Thailand and around the world. Mike and Chris were employed in American IT companies prior to making things happen in Thailand. They both follow one simple principle: Work hard/ Play hard.

There are 23 million tourists visiting Thailand each year.
Our company helps your business engage them, sell them, and retain them.


Web Design and Development
The first step in having a complete internet marketing campaign is to have a suitable home base website that reflects your brand, and encourages people to connect with you. The staff at Thailand Digital Marketing has the experience and the vision to make your website stand out from the crowd, and to make it memorable to its viewers. Our website development starts with a consultation that enables us to fully understand what your business goals. Next we will create a mock design for your approval. Since your satisfaction is our priority, we offer unlimited revisions on all design work. Once the design is approved, we will program the entire site to be SEO friendly, and to work properly in all mobile operating systems. We’re not finished until you approve every single page!

How We Do things

No SEO campaign is identical. Companies have different websites that target different keywords. Everyone’s goal is to be on the top of the first page for the keywords they desire, but the amount of work or the type of work that needs to be done to get there, varies from case to case. So it’s a bit disingenuous when companies offer one or two rigid packages. They do that to improve the chances of selling you, but it usually comes at a cost to overall effectiveness. We don’t have stock packages, because we are a real SEO company. We want to work within your budget, and we want to have realistic goals in place. Your goal may require more or less work to reach than someone else’s. Tell us what your goals are and we’ll tell you what it will take to get there. Then, based on your budget, we can set up a plan that makes sense, short term and long term. In some cases we can guarantee a portion of the costs, based on results we think are extremely attainable.

We don’t want to boast, but it’s not possible to discuss our SEO expertise without tooting our own horn a bit. Mike and Chris, the founders of Thailand Digital Marketing, have successfully ranked more than 1,000 targeted keywords on the first page of Google! Mike started doing SEO campaigns for clients more than 10 years ago and has never stopped. He’s handled the internet marketing campaigns for several small businesses that exploded into multi-national corporations. Chris has been on an SEO tear for almost 5 years now, and is responsible for ranking Thailand related websites on the first page for every Thai related keyword you can think of. They’re both proud SEO geeks, and they can bore you to death with every single nuance of the trade. But more importantly, they can help get your targeted keywords the rankings you desire.

Modern Techniques
Google‘s main focus has been and will always be, to present the best quality results to people who use their search. They use countless different criteria as part of an algorithm that chooses which sites come up for specific keywords, and in which order. They don’t put out a guidebook to these criteria, and they change it constantly. The quality of your website’s content and programming are important to Google, but there are so many other factors help to determine whether or not your site comes up in the search or not.

Many people thought they had the right techniques to easily beat Google’s algorithm, so Google did massive and game changing overhauls to their system, known as Panda and Penguin, within the last few years. These changes were somewhat effective in stopping sites from getting to the top of the rankings simply by buying cheap and spammy links from around the internet. You see, out of all of the different metrics that go into the ranking algorithm, none is more important than the quantity of quality links your site has from around the web. For example, if the New York Times website links to your website today, you’d get a gigantic boost to your Google traffic sometime tomorrow! Since most of us can’t get links from the New York Times, we have to settle for other, much less well known links. Prior to Panda and Penguin, it seemed like the more links you had the better, regardless of their quality. People were buying them buy the thousands and it usually worked. But now, those lower quality links either don’t help at all, or might even do damage (depending on who you ask). So now it’s more important than ever to get good and diverse links. TDM manages a powerful network of high PR links, and we’re adding to it every week. We also make similar networks for clients. We do this efficiently and effectively, and it’s one of the things that separate us from most of the competition.

Additionally, we realize that links is not the end all/ be all of SEO. We analyze all factors and we try our best to give Google what it wants.

Here are some of the things we focus on, aside from inbound linking:

  • -Internal page structure and architecture
  • -Quality and Quantity of Content
  • -Website speed
  • -Website relevancy
  • -Use of Keywords
  • -Outbound links
  • -Coding techniques such as: Indexing, 301 redirects,  404 pages, sitemap, rss feeds, robot.txt, etc.
  • -Google compliance
  • -Social Media Activity

Thailand Digital Marketing DOES NOT offer Pay Per Click services. Why? Because in most cases, we simply don’t believe in its effectiveness. For most companies, it’s just not worth it to pay multiple dollars for every single person who comes to your site (which includes the spammers, your competition, and the snoopers). It’s been proven time and time again, that organic search traffic is much more valuable than PPC traffic. And if TDM does your SEO, your keywords will wind up ranking on the first page of Google for a fraction of the price that it would cost to generate the same visibility through PPC.
Good Organic SEO = More clicks, better clicks, cheaper clicks!

Social Media Marketing
What We Can Do
Within the past few years, Social Media has become a part of most mainstream businesses. Whether you look at it as a necessary obstacle or an incredible opportunity, Thailand Digital Marketing can help you either way.

If you have a product or brand that fits well with being “Social,” TDM can monitor and maintain your social media pages every day, and get you an engaged and active following of people. This helps to retain customers, and to gain awareness from thousands of potential customers. Our company handles the daily posting and SMM consulting for a number of hugely successful SMM campaigns. We’ve taken pages that have a few hundred followers to a few hundred thousand followers!

Some businesses benefit from Social Media more than others, but having a suitable SMM presence is crucial for nearly all businesses. We’ve entered the social media phase where people will be downright suspicious if you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, and G+. They want to see that you’re somewhat accessible and not hiding. So even if you have a product that isn’t very social, it’s still important to have mildly active social media pages. Thailand Digital Marketing can create a custom package that will suit your needs and your budget. IF you just want to create something that looks respectable, we can do that and it won’t cost much. If your product or brand fits well with SMM, we can “go big” with your pages.

Contact us today so we can discuss your Social Media Marketing needs.

Online Ad Campaigns
Banner Desings
Thinking of advertising on popular English language websites about Thailand? Thailand Digital Maketing has strategic partnerships with a network of powerful websites about Thailand. We get wholesale rates for advertisements on these sites, so we can offer our customers a better price than they can get on their own. We also include complimentary banner designs if you purchase ads through our company. When you purchase ads for multiple sites, the discounts get larger; which means that buying Thailand ads through TDM is much cheaper and much more efficient than any other method.

Sites Include :,,,,,, and many others.

Custom Advertisement Campaigns
If you want your Thailand business to make a serious splash in the internet marketing arena, TDM can customize a powerful solution for you. It’s one thing to have a banner on a few websites; but if you’re looking for something a little more engineered, we have the capability to put out the type of positive internet press that you simply cannot purchase elsewhere. We can make your place the talk of the town, literally. TDM only does custom ad campaign consultations for businesses that are very serious about their marketing. Contact us today if you fit the bill.

Custom Voip Phone Systems
TDM provides simple and scalable Voip Phone systems to businesses of any size, and in any country. Voip Technology has exploded, and it can make it easier for you to operate your business. Thailand Digital Marketing is one of the only company offering high end Voip services to companies in South East Asia. If you’re using an older phone system, you’re missing out. Here are just some of the ways in which our systems can help:

Cost Savings – Lower your expenses without sacrificing quality

Plug and play – Move your phone service anywhere, on a dime

Feature rich – Handle, record, track, and forward calls in just about any way that you can imagine

Scalable – Grow without worries of hitting costly barriers or growing pains

Mobile – Our phone service follows you

Disaster proof – Never go down

Other Services
Thailand Digital Marketing also offers the following services, in addition to small business and internet consultancy:
Content Creation
Graphic Design and Branding
Mobile Applications`

Thailand Web Design Portfolio


We’ve dominated so many different keywords over the years, but rankings do fluctuate, especially when campaigns finish. But currently, we have sites ranking highly for many desirable and competitive keywords. If you are interested in purchasing an SEO package from us and would like to see a current list, please use the contact page / form to let us know.


Here are just a few of TDM’s many partners. Contact us today if you’re interested in forming a strategic partnership and/or joining our advertising network.


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